Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business center?

A business center is a services company Whose main Objective whatever you put in the professional disposal company or want Activity exercised all commercial Necessary administrative infrastructure to power ITS Development Activity for immediate.

The use of Business Center is a skilled and profitable option since it allows accessorized Office services flexibly adapted to fully cover the Entire company and That moment all the customers needs at agreed prices.

How is the services of a business center?

Business centers offer a wide range of services:

Offices furnished and equipped with everything Necessary to STI Activity Immediately started back, and exclusive of permanently is the equivalent of the traditional office but without investments.Those debits companies for their business clients WHO NEEDS place of prestige and a direction of a professional mode. That collect all the documentation is acceptable to the company and assist you at reception to People Who ask for her.

Virtual Office solution ideal for companies FOR PRESENTATION need not dispose of a permanent space but it needed office operations. To provide direction on where to locate STI Business as well as to run a telephone service and attention to all the Calls of ITS business and to working in a space Care About Where visits or when need it.

Attention and management of telephone Calls. The customer dispondra of a personal phone number and exclusive. Our staff will assist you from Monday to Friday and from 08.00 to 21.00., All the stops responding Calls received With its many shopping Noting the message, transferring the always-called according to his directions.

Offices Meeting Rooms time and a partial for presentation need for People Who Timely manner or workplace to meeting place Where You will assist in STI affairs, hold interviews … in a professional environment.

Virtual Assistants are able accessorized clients Assistants and secretaries in their support of the Activity of Its dealing manage routine business: Apparel Budgets, billing, manage administrative, claims, management of agendas, etc.The services are flexible, business centers, for fear That Those Who are the clients truly need and use only.

Complementary services: legal advice as salts constituted Society, corporate and web design, etc.

In Centro de Negocios, S.L. We can fully prepared packages tailored services to the needs of each customer specific.

What advantages usually offers a business center?

A business center is, today’s the perfect choice for entrepreneurs, small EMPLOYERS, autonomous and branches Professional, Both nationally and Internationally, since it offer a complete solution and alternative to the traditional office.

Your skilled and qualified staff WARRANT overall efficiency in the managed tasks, allowing the company to focus exclusively on Objet your business.

Adapted With recent technological advantages ITS facilities would allow them to dispose of approximately customer services and resources, traditional way, For His elevated cost or complexity, Practically it would be impossible to access.

Business Center Permits the client to Respond to the rapid Changes, Producer That is often in the professional environment, since it STIs ago That flexibility can access new services so immediate.

Another of the benefits HIRE That means the customer for the services of a business center quietness is not Having to worry of the domestic ISSUES of office. The center will occupy responsible for Selecting and training the people in case of floor supply it, Also the maintenance of the facilities and office equipment, everything for the customer can focus Exclusively in your Business.

¿To whom the services were dirigidos Business Centers?

The business centers are the perfect choice for a number of spacious enterprise groups: entrepreneurs, freelancers, Professional liberals, SMEs, national Delegations companies, international companies want to have … That Presence in our city.

In Centro de Negocios, S.L. I can find customers from basic services,: such as the direct debit services to the Company as The most complete Virtual Office Offices or permanent. Also it will have of a group of professionals at your service willing to work with the customer elbow to elbow. The success of your Business is Also the success of our company.

Is it a business center the ideal solution for the entrepreneurs?

Sure. When a person has Initiated Business DECIDED to remove NEED an idea to place all a series of works Analysis, Market Study, feasibility, financing search. In This EFFORT add Also there That That of implementation and Hence it is Where They enter the business centers barbed entire administrative infrastructure Facilitate Necessary for Development of the Activity to form Immediately, slowly, some variation march of the needs, and controlling above all the costs … Besides Centro de Negocios, SL offers so concrete ITS Collaborators Through a series of great usefulness for support Those entrepreneurs, as are commercial legal advice and graphic and web design aids and subsidies, etc. Business Center, S.L. Customer Provides ITS facilities in a friendly atmosphere, cozy and collaborative in Which people find other entrepreneurs in Situations like yours With the sharing Concerns, create Synergies, found wrapped in Ultimately These moments so solitary.

¿Business Center Office traditional one?

If what the customer wants is speed, flexibility and control of expenditure it is clear That option is at the business center. In less than 24 hours can have its up office, list in to start work Adapted to your needs with a current price-famous and closed.

That in case your needs vary in more or less in a short space of time his business i’ll Have Adapted to the new situation.

In the traditional office none of this it is so because the customer incurs in contracts of lease clauses permanence With fixed supports expenses: cleaning, maintenance, control any unforeseen need infrastructure and staff in the case Quero extend LOST Reducing the time or negotiate in search of new space and all costs of the transfer to and installation is very high.

Centro de Negocios, or incubators of Empresas Coworking. ¿Which is the best choice?

The bass or Spanish coworking is a new way to working imported from USA. Its main purpose Facilitate Shared Spaces and open to certain collective workers: technological freelance designers WHO simple solution looking for work. For a price REDUCED dispose of a table and a chair and internet connection. Coworking Spaces can offer some extras. Also His spirit is to share Experiences with other workers and generate new ideas work. This option has itself Some drawbacks and do not always coincide workers Whose activities are conducive create Synergies for at the most social relationships That are set, the rest times That concentration towards them own affairs. Also Spaces Being open Suel was aggravated because noisy, Careca and Privacy in the Conversations.

Enterprises incubators or nurseries for Proposals That are normally offer the public Institutions, the Professional Colleges and some study centers in the enterprise entrepreneurs or start-creation, so the access is not open to the Entire World. They must be linked The entrepreneurs With the instructions promote the nursery through Training in mentoring and Their stay is limited, normally in three years. Also the entry to the nursery is prepared to have Spaces books.

Therefore ideals are more fruitful and centers of business, if the cost In These well is something completely superior is Guaranteed: the access of whatever the person or company exercising an Activity business for time and need That way, the privacy environment, the exclusivity of workspace and the Possibility of exchanging thoughts and establishing fruitful relations with other WHO partners share all the same interests Professional and the security services of approximately accessorized That Adapt to Their totally circumstantial and not vice versa.

Why to choose the services CONTRATAR Centro de Negocios, SL?

By our professionalism: All our staff is ready and at your disposal to assist and advise you everything Concerning our company. Our greatest strengths are: our flexibility and capacity of adaptation to at any time offer you personalized services That Is Best Adapted to Their needs:

For our deal: We would like to make you feel comfortable, for it-treatment we offer a friendly, professional and cordial. You very important for us to trust you., Your company, WHO has the trust and want That is in good hands.

For our empathy: We know what will be entrepreneurial fear That Also the we were in your day, and we know it difficult to put in practice an idea and fight for her dodging all the vicissitude That They present each moment, you understand perfectly, we know of Its solitude and we want to accompany.

From our experience: We offer our services from over 30 years ago, constantly adapting new needs, Changes, technological Situations … to them in the market, and the at your disposal.

How I can hire the services of Centro de Negocios, SL?

So very easy. Simply Indicate your desire and we we Facilitate their company data can do so, by phone, mail … prepare the contract and within 24 h of its new office be enjoying.

¿Which is the Duración del contrato?

The want the customer. When want to terminate the service just have to report it Agreed With the advance warning for each modality and mode of contract.

Did the monthly fee is inclusive?

The monthly fee corresponds enunciated in the service contracted and what is Contained in each modality of contract. You’ll need this matter to the customer paid, according to the Rates Welcomes the HIRE in force, the additional costs of all costs and expressly requested by the customer: photocopies, impressions, fax, couriers, postcards Submissions, meeting rooms, etc. in Addition to the corresponding taxes.