Who We Are

Un nuevo espacio de reunión en Barcelona

A new meeting space in Barcelona

Business Center, SL, is a service company established in 1986 and located in one of the most prestigious and best connections of Barcelona , next to Paseo de Gracia and Plaza Catalunya near . Its aim is to make available to any company wishing to have a presence in the city, the need to be able to operate immediately and economically as administrative infrastructure. Our services are flexible , so that customers pay only for what you actually use , and are constantly evolving to suit your needs.

Business Center, SL , offers its customers the following services:

Exclusive use Delivery, fully furnished and equipped personnel and indefinite use , where to domicile their companies and where make your own business efforts . Our secretaries , with over 20 years of experience, will help them in their work.

only have to worry about your business because we take care of your office.

Offices available in Barcelona

Offices available in Barcelona


Virtual Office : Domiciliary companies and telephone service . For companies that do not need an office permanently offer the possibility to have an operational office in Barcelona, ​​regardless of where it is located. They will have a prestigious address > as your business address > attend phone calls received personalized and have a space in which to work or care for their visits. Integral Service offers a combination of several options for you to choose the most appropriate service for your needs at the best price .

Meeting part-time Delivery , for hours, half days , full days . Have a professional environment and equipped to hold your meetings , attend visits or manage their work . only for the time you need.

Personalized Care Phone Calls . > For customers who do not have in our downtown office or those arranging their own office wish to use an external service desk calls. Assigning unique phone number for your business , responding with your business name .

Company domiciliation

Disponga en nuestro Bussiness center at a prestigious address in Barcelona, ​​an address or delegation sue company for all purposes

  • We collect and give notice of the certificates, notices, correspondence and small parcels received, giving you the course. Specify.
  • We attend reception to potential people who ask for your company.
  • You can use for a specified number of hours per month our Firm Multipurpose or Meeting Room.
  • We can act as liaison office: forwarding the mail received, send faxes and reissuing, scan documents, etc.

Our Business Center offers several services debit so you can choose the most suitable to their needs and at the best price.

Your virtual office in Barcelona

Offices available in Barcelona

Offices available in Barcelona

Available in our Business Center all the benefits of a permanent office: debit, Personalized service call and arrange an office or room to meet their views only when needed. Sure the different options of ourbusiness center is ideally suited to your needs.

Multipurpose meeting room and equipped offices for hours.

For when you need a meeting place on time. Whether it is in theboardroom and in the Multipurpose Offices of our Business Center, you can comfortably attend a visit, training, personnel selection, hold a meeting, pass queries …

Virtual Services Administrative Assistants and Secretaries General.

Since 1986Centro de Negocios, SL we offer our customers the ability to focus all your time on your business, dealing with administrative and secretarial tasks efficiently and economically. Our Virtual Assistants are skilled in handling the business center professionals, who work with you. Closely with the utmost seriousness and discretion and allow you to forget all the problems of the management and control of a conventional office. Some of the services we can offer are:

  • Receive and Transfer phone calls.
  • Care visits..
  • General Secretariat: claims management, calendar, etc.
  • Typing services: transcription of texts, mail management, etc
  • Internet: information search, mail management, etc.
  • Administrative procedures: Issuing calls, external efforts in organisms.